VIDEO: To Live Without Fear

Living with landmines and UXO

People like Mrs Maneurm have no choice but to live with the daily risk and terror of death or injury from landmines and unexploded bombs. This is unacceptable.

This film is from Koh Sam Rong village in Battambang province, near Cambodia's western border with Thailand, where subsistence farmer Mrs Maneurm and her family live.

"MAG has come to clear the land and my family will benefit," she says. "When the clearance is finished and there are no mines, I will have more farmland and my income will increase by about 30 per cent."

"I am so glad MAG came here to clear the mines."

Cambodia is one of the countries most severely affected by landmines, cluster munitions, air dropped bombs and other unexploded ordnance (UXO). 

More than 64,000 mine and UXO casualties were reported from 1979 to the end of 2013. On top of the physical dangers, these deadly items hamper economic growth by preventing safe access to land – in a country where around 80 per cent of the rural population is dependent on farming or related activities.

MAG has been working in Cambodia since 1992 to help the country build a better future. People are at the heart of our work: from January to May 2015 alone, our teams directly helped 8,470 men, women and children in the country – with an additional 10,997 people estimated to have benefited from our work.

• MAG's work in Cambodia is supported by: Altadis Foundation; Caerus Foundation; Finn Church Aid / Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland; Humanitarian Demining Research & Development Program; US State Department's Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement.


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Page published: 24 July 2015