A statement from Darren Cormack, CEO of MAG (Mines Advisory Group), on a landmine explosion near Ngala, Nigeria on 10 January.

"I’m very saddened to hear of a landmine explosion that recently claimed eight lives near Ngala, Nigeria.

"In response, MAG has launched an emergency Digital Explosive Ordnance Risk Education campaign via social media to get practical safety advice to people in the area.

"Since 2019, MAG has reached over 26,000 people with life-saving messages in Ngala through more than 1,300 in-person risk education sessions.

"We complement our sessions with radio and digital outreach and, as of this year, aim to integrate them into school curriculums.

"This recent news is a tragic reminder of the deadly legacy of conflict that continues to plague the lives of so many.

"That is why MAG continues to advocate for victims, survivors and communities around the world and remains committed to working towards a world free of landmines."

Learn more here about MAG's commitment to clearing landmines and unexploded ordnance from communities around the world.