An update on MAG's emergency Digital Explosive Ordnance Risk Education response to a landmine explosion in Nigeria on 10 January.

Following a landmine explosion that tragically claimed eight lives near Ngala, Nigeria earlier this month, MAG launched an emergency Digital Explosive Ordnance Risk Education (DEORE) campaign on Facebook to help people in the local area identify unexploded items.

The social media campaign, which began last week (16 January), has now reached 280,000 people.

Digital EORE (Explosive Ordnance Risk Education) Coordinator, Robin Toal, said: “Social media enables us to rapidly disseminate emergency messages to at-risk communities in specific areas. It allows us to overcome obstacles posed by security, geography or complex operating environments that limit the delivery of traditional face-to-face risk education.

“By using targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram, MAG is able to engage with groups that are harder to attract through face-to-face sessions, like young adults, and deliver safety messages to communities when they need them the most.”

In 2023, MAG's DEORE work reached over 25 million people.

In this region, and around the world, MAG will continue to do all it can to help save lives.

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