Ukraine is now the most mined country in the world. The number of people killed or injured by landmines in 2022 was 10 times higher than 2021. Devastatingly, half of all casualties from landmines and unexploded bombs are children.

For children in Ukraine, every air-raid siren means another period of fear, danger and disruption to their lives and education. Every landmine hidden underground has the potential to cause devastating injury or death.

Our community liaison teams are delivering life-saving lessons to children across the world right now.  These lessons give children the information they need on how to spot and avoid landmines and other dangers. We cannot keep these children safe from the missiles that fly overhead, but we can protect them from the dangers that lie below their feet. 

£22 could cover the cost of the risk education materials needed for a full class of children in Ukraine.

Give what you can this Christmas and you could help to build a safer future for children living in conflict.