MAG is seeking a consultant to conduct a study on the environmental impact of cartridge destruction in Mali and the potential for recycling as part of its project to contribute to the reduction of arms proliferation and the promotion of peaceful societies in the Sahel.

Please send your offer – including proposed methodology – and financial offer with your CV to

Deadline for tender proposal submission is 25th July 2022

Invite to Tender documents

  • MAG Lebanon Capacity Development

MAG is seeking consultants to conduct technical training for the Lebanese Mine Action authority on the International Mine Action Standards and Compliance and other key quality assurance areas as highlighted in the term of reference. 

Deadline for tender proposal submission is 12th August 2022 16:00 Beirut time

Invite to tender documents

  • MAG Senegal Peace and Conflict Analysis

MAG Senegal is looking to conduct a Peace and Conflict Analysis (PCA) in partnership with an organisation/consultant with demonstrated experience in this field.

Please send your full offer to

Deadline for tender proposal submission is 12 August 2022 at 17:00 (GMT)

Invite to tender documents