Life on a Former Minefield in South Sudan

Gunyoro village in South Sudan used to be a minefield. All the known landmines have now been removed and destroyed, enabling the community here to rebuild.

South Sudan - Landmine Free 2025

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The James family fled Torit County in South Sudan because of conflict. When they returned they found themselves unable to re-establish their lives and livelihoods because of the presence of landmines:

“Before MAG came here we were stuck in (neighbouring county) Magwi because there was no land for us in our village. We couldn’t come home. Now we are here, we are home, and now we are safe. Life is very hard here for us, but at least our children will not get blown up by a landmine."

Landmines and unexploded bombs are not being cleared fast enough for the millions of people who still live around them, in fear, every day. This problem can be dealt with more quickly. We need to do more, faster, to free people from fear, to free them to rebuild their lives.


After decades of conflict, South Sudan remains heavily contaminated by landmines and unexploded ordnance (UXO). These deadly items expose local communities, internally displaced people, returnees and refugees to the threat of death or injury, as well as hindering development.

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MAG supports an integrated approach to humanitarian aid and development in South Sudan, ensuring our activities remain complementary to those of other humanitarian actors. We achieve this by actively participating in the  Protection and  Food Security Clusters and co-chairing the Mine Action Sub-Cluster with the United Nations Mine Action Service.

MAG’s work benefits both displaced people fleeing violence as well as established communities in contaminated areas.

By removing and destroying landmines and other items of UXO, people can live free from fear and increase their economic opportunities, using safe land for farming or infrastructure projects. Clearance also facilitates access to vital resources such as clean water.

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Page published: 30 March 2017

Former minefield in South Sudan