MAG's Vision, Mission and Values

We believe it is not fair, and it is not right, that millions of people are trapped in danger and poverty for years after wars are over.

The lasting and deadly legacy of war stops people putting their lives back together, kills their hopes and prevents them from building a better future for their families.

People have no choice but to live with the daily risk and terror of death or injury from landmines and unexploded bombs. This is unacceptable.

Everyone has a right to live in safety and free from fear. Everyone has a right to hope for a better future. Everyone has a right to provide for their family and to work their way out of poverty. We have to help communities get on with their lives, and get back their futures, free of fear.

Mine Risk Education in South Sudan

A MAG Community Liaison team gives Mine Risk Education in South Sudan.

Photo: Sean Sutton/MAG

MAG's Vision

MAG's vision is a safe and secure future for men, women and children affected by conflict and insecurity.

MAG's Mission

Our mission is to save lives and build futures by clearing landmines and unexploded bombs, by reducing risk and by supporting improved management of weapons and ammunition, to create secure conditions for development.

MAG's Values

MAG and its people are:

Determined: We have principled humanitarian motivations. We have drive and are passionate to deliver more impact for more beneficiaries.

Expert: We are expert in our areas of technical specialism, and in delivering quality and understanding impact. We are expert in our knowledge of policy and practice in our sector.

Professional: We adhere to the norms and standards of our discipline, whatever role we perform in MAG. We understand and deliver effectiveness, efficiency and economy.

Enabling: We are people-led. We are humanitarian and developmental. We listen and are open. We build alliances where it can improve quality or impact for beneficiaries. We respect and develop our people.

Responsive: We innovate. We are creative in our thinking. We adapt to changing circumstances and needs. We respond to emergencies. We seek out and learn from new information, to change and deliver better results.


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