MAG is a humanitarian, development and peacebuilding organisation that limits the causes and addresses the consequences — both immediate and long-term — of conflict and armed violence. 

Since MAG was founded in 1989, the evolving nature of conflict has led to new and escalating needs for those caught up in war and conflict. Climate change, food insecurity, the proliferation of weapons, pressure on aid budgets, and wider geopolitical tensions have led to contexts and consequences that are complex, varied and unpredictable.

Our Strategic Framework for 2024 to 2028 is our compass for action for the next five years. Building on MAG’s organisational maturity and the evolution of our programming while responding to new and emerging challenges, it will guide us as we seek to reduce the terrible human cost of armed violence and conflict. 

It provides a roadmap not just for what we do but how we do it, and has been developed by talking with and listening to people in the communities we serve, our colleagues, the partners we work with and the donors who place their trust in us.

Our core aims for the next strategic period are twofold: to increase our impact and extend our influence. 

  • We will have the maximum possible positive impact on people affected by conflict and armed violence by delivering responsive, high-quality and high-impact programming at scale. 
  • We will harness our operational experience, our insight and our trusted partner status to bring about meaningful policy change at national, regional and global levels that benefits communities affected by conflict and armed violence.

The lives of millions of people in the world have been improved by the dedication of our brilliant and brave staff, the vast majority of whom are themselves from conflict-affected communities.

Our new Strategic Framework is designed to ensure we are equipped to respond more effectively, at more scale, and with more impact in the years to come. It is designed to give our brilliant and brave staff the best chance of improving the lives of their families, friends, neighbours.

Its purpose, ultimately, is very simple: to enable us to save and change more lives than ever before.

Read out strategy in full here. 

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