Actor and MAG-supporter, Rosamund Pike, recently spent time in Lebanon visiting minefields with MAG, which helped her prepare for the role of war correspondent Marie Colvin in her upcoming film A Private War. This week, we held a special screening of the film, followed by a discussion where Rosamund spoke passionately about her time in the country.

“It struck me so vividly that contaminated land just prevents people from having any quality of life,” she says. “Parents are frightened if their children are out of sight because who knows if they’ll find something.”

In this video, Rosamund talks about the important role the UK government is playing, supporting MAG’s clearance in Lebanon and the importance of removing landmines.

This comes in the same week that MAG reached the amazing milestone of 10,000 landmines cleared, in Lebanon's "Blue Line" area along the country’s southern border. Since beginning work there in April 2017, MAG has removed more anti-personnel landmines in Lebanon than anywhere else we work in the world, approximately one mine for every 16 square metres.

“With mine clearance, it’s very easy to see what’s being achieved,” she says. “Areas of land that are uninhabitable, become habitable again. Areas that are unsafe to play in, become playable in again. And that work is hugely important and must be supported.”

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Video credit – DFID Photo credit Sean Sutton