The work of MAG and one brave deminer in Iraq is the subject of a new BBC Our World documentary, Yazidi Women: Clearing Sinjar’s Mines, which is now available to watch on iPlayer.

Trigger Warning: Some viewers may find this documentary disturbing.

Watch Now: Yazidi Women Clearing Sinjar’s Mines

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Aged just 16, Amsha was captured by ISIS in 2014. After almost a year she was able to escape.

Today Amsha, now 23, is working as one of our deminers in Sinjar, clearing the deadly legacy the improvised landmines left in her homeland.

She says: “My work with MAG has given me the chance to start a new life, and meet new people, making new friends. It has given me the strength to forget about the nightmare I lived in when I was captured by ISIS. I am helping my family, my homeland and myself.  “I want to tell my story to highlight the plight of Yazidis. But also to show the world our strength. Yazidis are proud, and we are rebuilding our communities.”

Yazidi Women: Clearing Sinjar’s Mines tells the story of how Amsha and her colleagues carry out their dangerous but essential work to rebuild their community.