Devastating humanitarian crises are unfolding across the world.

On Saturday 19th August, we honour humanitarians around the world and thank all those who bravely risk their lives to deliver assistance and hope to those living in crisis. In the face of immense challenge caused by the crises around them, they remain committed to their mission to make communities and land safe after war.

We are highlighting the work and words of a few of over 6,000 staff that are the lifeblood of MAG. 

Providing support for humanitarians around the world has never been more vital.

Maka, Community Liaison Team Leader with MAG South Sudan

“I am motivated to save my community and the people of South Sudan, because we have lost lots of people in South Sudan to war and conflict. MAG helps people without discrimination and reduces deaths caused by explosives. I want to work to save lives and don’t like seeing my people suffer.”

“MAG also caters for single mothers. We are able to address our responsibilities thanks to MAG. MAG has supported me since 2018 and has treated me like a daughter. MAG keeps on thinking of its staff and finds us long-term contracts. This helps me solve issues and cover my basic needs of rent, food and my children’s school fees.”

Pradeep, Communications Coordinator with MAG Sri Lanka

“Education is one of the basic needs of human beings. Due to the civil war that lasted for more than three decades in Sri Lanka, many schools in the north and east were turned into armoury storage spaces and military camps. For the past two decades, MAG has been clearing these hazardous areas and releasing land back to the community. 

I enjoy working for MAG because it gives me an opportunity to serve my country and my people. I feel overwhelmed to see innocent children smiling, playing and studying in their schools without fear. Education is the path for success and children are the future of our country.”

Zainab, deminer with MAG Lebanon

"When I finally see people utilizing their lands and observe how our efforts are not only ensuring their safety, but also enabling them to develop and invest in their lands, I feel more motivated, committed and obliged to continue this mission.”

Marina, Community Liaison Manager with MAG Bosnia & Herzegovina

Two decades have flown by since my initial encounter with mine-contaminated areas. Yet, through countless years, my smile endures. Every new location brings new friendships, new challenges, and the demolition of mines and ERW. The passion for our mission and the unearthing of hidden dangers rally the local community, emitting a unique and uplifting energy. It's this very essence that paints a smile on my face after all this time. Together, let's free Bosnia and Herzegovina from the shackles of mines!”

Ninh, Team Leader with MAG Vietnam

"When I was six, my 12-year-old brother was killed by an unexploded bomb he found on his way home from school. In the years that followed, I was plagued by this loss. When I learned MAG operated in my hometown, I was eager to join their team. I saw MAG's mission to save lives and protect communities from the hidden threat of explosives as a way to honor my brother's memory."

"Since joining MAG in 2015, I have always felt proud to be part of the organization. Whenever I find and safely remove explosive items at work, my pain is eased. I am committed to doing all I can to ensure that no one else suffers the same tragedy as my family. I have dedicated my life to this mission, and I know my brother would be proud of what I'm doing."

Tannia with MAG Ecuador

"Much of my life had been connected to the development of humanitarian aid projects aimed at improving people's living conditions. The main motivation I had for joining MAG was to be able to help people through the work we do, as many times we forget the importance of being able to assist vulnerable groups of people. This role has become crucial in recent years due to the increase in security issues, arms trafficking, and homicide rates, which have placed Ecuador among the 5 most insecure countries in Latin America."

Bounthavy, Fleet Manager with MAG Laos

"I have worked with MAG since 2012 as a Fleet Assistant. My main responsibility is ensuring that the team reaches its destination safely. Being a supporter of the teams helping bomb-affected communities is something I'm proud to do. In addition, I can support my children's education thanks to my job. I look forward to the day when there won't be any more unexploded bombs in our country and people can safely use their land."

Dalal, Community Liaison Officer with MAG Iraq

"As a community liaison officer I love communicating a lot with young age groups and conveying to them the idea of how to protect themselves from the dangers of mines and UXO because they are the future of the country.”

Support life-saving work this World Humanitarian Day.

Header photo by Maryam Ashrāfi.