MAG is pleased today to announce that UK government funding for mine action has benefitted over one million people in 10 countries including Angola, Cambodia, Lebanon, Zimbabwe and Vietnam.

Since July 2018 landmine clearance organisations including the Mines Advisory Group (MAG), the Halo Trust and Norwegian People’s Aid have released more than 83 million square metres of land back to communities around the world thanks to UK support.

As well as reducing accidents, landmine and unexploded bomb clearance ensures vast areas of land can be returned to communities, improving lives and ensuring safe access to housing, education and medical facilities.

Darren Cormack, MAG CEO said:

"We’re thrilled to have reached this one million beneficiary milestone, as support from the UK government helps us rid some of the world’s most conflict-affected countries of these deadly devices.

“As well as saving lives, this support has ensured vast areas of land can be returned to communities so people can grow crops, access water and build homes, schools and health clinics, lifting them out of poverty.”

UK Aid-funded MAG teams are working to clear communities of landmines and unexploded bombs across the world

The UK government has also announced today that it has completed landmine clearance in the Falklands.

With this declaration, the UK is now a landmine-free country – and with UK Aid funding for landmine clearance across the world, Britain can be proud to be both supporting other landmine-affected countries and leading by example.

But 23 years after Princess Diana’s iconic walk through an Angolan minefield first brought the devastating impact of landmines to the world’s attention, the issue is far from over.

Sixty million people around the world still live in fear of landmines and sixty states and other territories are still contaminated. Nineteen people are killed or injured every day by landmines and unexploded bombs, but that figure is expected to be much higher due to under reporting. Over half of civilian casualties are children.

With the support of governments around the world, including the UK, we can continue to make huge strides towards making the world landmine free.