Statement from Darren Cormack, MAG CEO:

On behalf of MAG, I congratulate Liz Truss on her appointment as Prime Minister. We look forward to engaging with the new government to advance policies and priorities that will protect civilians in conflict and support people affected by war. As Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss showed support for mine action and we hope this will remain a priority for the new government.

The new Prime Minister enters office at a time when there are increasing challenges and pressures at home as well as abroad. Around the world, conflicts, crises and natural disasters are driving further humanitarian need. We urge the government to set out a roadmap to fulfilling its commitment of 0.7% of national income on overseas assistance.

Recent conflicts in Iraq, Syria, and Ukraine have shown the colossal scale of human suffering caused by explosive weapons when used in towns and cities. In June, the UK announced its intention to sign the new Political Declaration on the use of Explosive Weapons in Populated Areas (EWIPA), and we trust the incoming government will follow through on this commitment at the signing ceremony this year.

Through its diplomatic influence and financial support, the UK can continue to be a global leader in mine action and play an important part in transforming the lives of millions of people affected by unexploded ordnance.