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MAG is delighted to announce a new agreement with the Peruvian authorities to work together to fight the causes of insecurity and reduce the threat of armed violence.

Every day, MAG witnesses the impact of conflict and armed violence. In a complex and ever-changing global context, our goal is to mitigate these devastating effects — supporting efforts to combat the illicit flow of weapons and working to understand what we can do better to help keep people safe.

MAG works to secure and destroy surplus and illicit weapons and ammunition to reduce the threat of armed violence

Today, MAG signs a new Memorandum of Understanding with the National Superintendence of Control of Security Services, Arms, Ammunition and Explosives for Civil Use (Sucamec) in Peru to bolster joint efforts to stem the illegal trafficking and misuse of explosive materials, pyrotechnics and weapons.

The agreement establishes a cooperation mechanism that encourages and promotes the exchange of experience in weapons destruction and marking and the safe disposal of pyrotechnic material and other explosives.

PNP General Juan Antonio Alvarez Manrique, the National Superintendent of Sucamec and Dr Antonio Salvatore Armentano, MAG's Country Director in Peru

Welcoming the accord, PNP General Juan Antonio Alvarez Manrique, the National Superintendent of Sucamec, said: "This new partnership will profoundly affect our citizens and our country because it is aimed squarely at fighting the structural causes of insecurity and violence."

“We work in the service of Peruvians. We work to improve public safety through our control and inspection actions. Therefore, I am very excited that such a prestigious organisation — one that is a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize — has formally joined us as an ally in this valuable mission."

Dr Antonio Salvatore Armentano, MAG's Country Director in Peru, speaks at the signing ceremony

Dr Antonio Salvatore Armentano, MAG's Country Director in Peru, added: “Thanks to this Memorandum of Understanding, it will be possible to work jointly to address vital security issues. We will seek resources and technical support in assisting Sucamec's critical role in Peru — and to honour our motto: 'Save lives, build safer futures'.”

The Memorandum of Understanding also covers cooperation across ammunition control systems and technical training to strengthen institutional capacity and efficacy.

With support from the US government, MAG has been working in Peru since 2017. 

To date, the project has facilitated the destruction of 3,660 small arms; over 5,000 anti-personnel mines; more than 900 anti-tank guided missiles and more than 700 US tons of munitions. 

The new Sucamec partnership is of paramount importance to MAG's efforts to scale up our response to the threat of armed violence in Peru and to build a safer future for women, girls, boys and men across the country.