The Mines Advisory Group (MAG) welcomes the announcement made by the United States government to make significant changes to its Anti-Personnel Landmine policy.

These commitments include not using these weapons outside of the Korean peninsula, or producing them.

The US has also committed to aligning itself with the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention - also known as the Ottawa Treaty - outside of the Korean Peninsula, with the ultimate aim of joining the Convention. We urge the US to join this life-saving convention without delay.

Darren Cormack, MAG's Chief Executive Officer said: “We welcome the policy change made today by the US government, committing to limiting the use of these indiscriminate weapons. This comes at a time when the world has seen once more in Ukraine the devastating impact that use of these landmines have on civilians.”

“Today’s announcement marks an important step towards the US joining the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention, which has been signed by more than 160 states in recognition of the unacceptable humanitarian harm caused by anti-personnel landmines. More states should now follow their lead and commit to join this treaty.”

“The United States is the world’s largest financial contributor to mine action and today’s important policy change is a further step towards reducing the suffering caused to civilians by anti-personnel landmines."