MAG is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Global Interagency Security Forum (GISF). GISF is an independent, NGO-led peer support network that provides a platform for global security focal points to share experiences, knowledge and learning to access the most difficult to reach communities while keeping aid workers safe.

MAG is currently a member of GISF and will now be the European host from 2021.

“Due to GISF’s set-up, we require a hosting organisation to enable our operations and are very pleased to have MAG as the new host,” says GISF’s Executive Director Lisa Reilly. “We are looking forward to continuing to work with MAG, as a member organisation, on improving humanitarian security risk management.”

“I’m very pleased that MAG has taken such a great step in supporting GISF by taking over from Christian Aid and becoming their new host agency,” adds MAG’s Global Security Adviser Javier Sanchez, welcoming the announcement. “The work of GISF over the past 15 years has kept aid workers safe and supported agencies to achieve sustainable access to populations in need.”

MAG teams clearing the deadly legacy of conflict in Iraq

The most recent data on attacks against humanitarian aid workers found that 2019 was the deadliest year on record

Aid workers are increasingly in the line of fire, despite the protection offered by International Humanitarian Law. 

At the same time, the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic has made delivering humanitarian aid an even more challenging operation.

Almost 5,000 humanitarians are working with MAG in over 25 conflict-affected countries around the world. 

Since 2006, GISF has brought together security focal points from global NGOs to share best practice risk management processes. In an increasingly challenging global context, the work of GISF has never been so important.

“I first came across GISF whilst working for the former UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and was immediately impressed by the range, scope and quality of their freely accessible security risk management resources,” recalls Javier. “GISF has cemented itself as fundamental to humanitarian security risk management and plays a huge role in being thought leaders and developers of best practice in the aid-sector.”

“Through this relationship, MAG is helping to reduce risk to all aid-agencies and humanitarian workers and that is something to be celebrated!”

This new partnership reaffirms MAG’s commitment to working with others to maximise our reach and impact.

To learn more about GISF and their work, visit their website: