Today we can proudly announce that our Home Safe Home appeal has raised an astounding £317,441 – including £146,185 of matched giving from the UK government and GiftAid.

Over three months, between April and July, you cycled, played golf, put on concerts, ran, fundraised and donated your time. You generously shared the Home Safe Home message across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You donated, in some cases again and again, to help build safer futures for families in Lebanon.

Not only did supporters raise an incredible amount – they raised enough to extend the project to remove landmines from communities in Lebanon from three months to five, making even more homes safe from landmines.

Alok Sharma, the UK’s Secretary of State for International Development, said:

“Landmines are indiscriminate weapons of war that maim and kill innocent men, women and children, often close to where they live.

“By helping to clear 21,000 square metres of land in Lebanon from landmines, MAG’s Home Safe campaign is ensuring hundreds of families can now live free from fear and put their land to productive use.

“I am delighted that UK aid has matched more than £146,000 of generous public donations to the appeal, helping to raise over £317,000.”

The Blue Line is one of the most densely mined areas in Lebanon. There is a landmine approximately every 17m² preventing Lebanese communities and Syrian refugees from using the land in safety. We often hear stories of people either taking the risk to use land they know to be dangerous or failing to provide for their families.

Every vital bit of land released by MAG is immediately put to use by local people for agricultural and other livelihood activities.

“Your generous donations will help us to clear vital needed land and make a Home Safe Home for families in Lebanon,” said Hiba Ghandour, who works for MAG’s team in Lebanon. “A massive thank you from me and everyone here at MAG.”

Once again, on behalf of us all here at MAG, a huge THANK YOU to all the supporters, and communications partners, who made this happen. You have given a community the chance of a safe home and a brighter future free from fear.

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