Unlock the land for the people of Vangkhom, bomb by bomb.

Laos is the most heavily bombed country in the world, per capita. Two million tons of explosives were dropped on the country during the Vietnam War. That equates to a planeload of bombs dropped every eight minutes, 24 hours a day, for nine years. These airstrikes were mostly aimed at disrupting movement along the Ho Chi Minh Trail – a key logistical supply route used by the North Vietnamese.

Deadly unexploded bombs are still a persistent, hidden threat for thousands of communities across Laos nearly five decades after the bombing stopped. Vangkhom village in central Laos is one such community. The village was heavily bombed and a terrifying 300,000 submunitions are thought to be scattered throughout Vangkhom – each one still as deadly as the day it was dropped nearly fifty years ago.

There has never been a better time to give: a donation of £25 — given before 24 July and doubled by the UK government to £50 — could unlock 56sqm of land.

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No parent should have to fear for their child playing outside – but that is what is happening every day in Vangkhom village. With your help, our bomb technicians can make it safe for local families. 151 people live in Vangkhom, more than half of them children. With your help we can see this community rebuild and prosper, providing a safe and sustainable future for generations to come.

A gift of £44 from you could clear 100 square metres of land in and around Vangkhom village, making it safe for families. And with the value of your gift doubled by the UK government, that becomes 200 square metres of danger-free land - and the hope of a safer future for the children of Vangkhom.

You can donate by clicking on the options above or by following this link to our main donation page.

Logos for UK Aid Match and Unlock the Land