• Landmine Free 2025

    Twenty years after Diana, Princess of Wales walked next to a minefield in Angola, Prince Harry calls on the international community to make a renewed commitment to clear these indiscriminate killers and make a world free from landmines a reality. (Date: 2017. Length: 9:59)
  • 'Let Us Seize The Challenge Together'

    A speech by MAG's Chief Executive Jane Cocking at the Landmine Free 2025 reception on International Landmine Awareness Day. (Date: 2017. Length: 2:54min)
  • Cluster Submunition Demolition

    An aerial view of a 'BLU 42' cluster submunition being destroyed in situ by MAG in Ratanakiri province, Cambodia. (Date: 2017. Length: 29secs)
  • Yalini and Rajeepan's Story

    Thanks to MAG and our donors, Yalini and Rajeepan - and millions like them - can now rebuild their lives and livelihoods, free from danger and fear. (Date: 2016. Length: 1:50min)
  • Freedom From Fear

    This documentary focuses on the work of "MAT 10" (Mine Action Team 10), one of MAG's all-female bomb clearance teams ridding Laos of deadly cluster munitions. (Date: 2015. Length: 12:41min)
  • Ammunition Demolition in DRC

    3.4 US tons of ammunition, including 122mm high explosive projectiles and 40mm rifle grenades, is destroyed in the Democratic Republic of Congo. These kind of safe demolitions happen weekly in the DRC and help to prevent (1) the irresponsible and illegal ammunition trade, and (2) ammunition depot explosions, so that people can live safely. (Date: 2015. Length: 9secs)
  • The Mine Risk Education Game

    In Myanmar, a child's ability to correctly identify a landmine or other explosive weapon could save his or her life. This 'mine risk education' game involves teams of children racing to put pictures of objects in baskets marked 'Safe' or 'Danger'. The images are a mix of landmines and safe items such as clocks and fruit. (Date: 2015. Length: 1min)
  • How Do YOU Get To Work?

    This footage is from the Democratic Republic of Congo. These are typical driving conditions in many of the places MAG works, especially during the wet season. (Date: 2015. Length: 30secs)
  • To Live Without Fear

    People like Mrs Maneurm in Cambodia have no choice but to live with landmines and unexploded bombs. This is unacceptable. (Date: 2015. Length: 4mins)
  • Walking To School Without Fear

    MAG made the land in and around Chan's school safe, so that she and her friends no longer have to worry about cluster bombs. (Date: 2015. Length: 30s)
  • MAG Makes It Safe

    Every day, nine people are killed or suffer horrific injuries because of landmines and other explosive weapons. Millions of people live with the daily threat. MAG makes land and lives safe in communities affected by conflict around the world. This film was screened between acts at the Glastonbury Festival. (Date: 2014. Length: 1m55s)
  • Iraq's Cluster Bomb Legacy

    Commissioned by the Cluster Munition Coalition, this video highlights the ongoing danger faced by civilians in Iraq, including Syrian refugees, from unexploded cluster munitions. (Date: 2014. Length: 7m)
  • How to Destroy a 100-lb White Phosphorus Bomb

    This 100-pound white phosphorus (WP) bomb was found in a rice field in Khammouane province, Laos. White phosphorus munitions were used extensively during the Vietnam War. (Date: 2014. Length: 3m48s)
  • A Walk In Their Shoes

    Alexii Muftoll produced this brilliant video to raise awareness of the landmine issue. Thanks Alexii! (Date: 2014. Length: 30s)
  • Laos: Education for Life

    About a quarter of villages in Laos are still contaminated by explosive weapons that still pose the risk of exploding. Children are often most at risk. (Date: 2013. Length: 3m39s)
  • Risk Education video for Syrians

    The lifesaving 67 seconds. This film is helping to protect Syrian refugees who've fled to northern Iraq, from the "UXO" - bombs, rockets, missiles, mortars and grenades ("unexploded ordnance") - littering the area. It is currently being played in the Domiz refugee camp housing tens of thousands of Syrians. (Date: 2013. Length: 1m7s)
  • Layla, bomb searcher, Lebanon

    Layla is 23 years old and works for MAG, clearing cluster bombs and landmines. At first, her mother wasn't happy with her career choice... (Date: 2013. Length: 1m40s)
  • Moxico: A Deadly Legacy

    Around 200,000 people in Angola's most landmine-affected province, Moxico, live with daily threat of death or injury. (6 mins, 2012)
  • Destructive power of cluster bombs

    This footage shows air-dropped cluster bombs releasing submunitions. (Source: National Regulatory Authority for the UXO/Mine Action Sector. Length: 47secs)
  • Inside a minefield in the D.R. Congo

    See a deminer uncover a PRB M3 anti-tank landmine in Lindu minefield, in the Democratic Republic of Congo's Bas-Congo province. (1m20s, 2012)
  • From Horror To Hope

    Josephine and her family are now able to begin rebuilding their lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo. (2 mins, 2012)
  • Risk Education in South Sudan

    Mine awareness in South Sudan: the most important lesson these children will receive. (1 min, 2012)
  • Libya demolition

    MAG demolishes a PGM-500 precision guided munition that was found near Zintan. (1 min, 2012)
  • Surviving the Peace in Angola

    The stories of an eight-year-old landmine survivor and a former soldier turned MAG deminer. (Date: 2012. Length: 25mins)
  • Surviving the Peace

    This film follows a family in Laos whose lives were tragically altered by unexploded ordnance. (23 mins, 2011)
  • Introduction to MAG

    MAG reduces the threat of death and injury from the remnants of conflict. (Date: 2008. Length: 4mins)