What is happening in South Sudan?

Decades of conflict has claimed the lives of over 2.5 million people in South Sudan. 

Landmines and unexploded bombs left behind from the fighting have claimed the lives of many more – and left tens of thousands in danger and in poverty.

No one should live with the legacy of war.

Meet Juan Mary

Juan Mary lives in Lobonok in South Sudan. She found a staggering 28 landmines while cultivating her land - each one capable of killing in an instant.

Juan Mary is left with the impossible choice - risk farming land riddled with dangerous mines or her family going hungry.

It is crucial that land is made safe to use. Only then can fields be farmed, and families like Juan Mary’s can live without fear every day.

Our results in 2022

Land released by deminers and machines


Risk education sessions


Landmines & unexploded bombs destroyed


Direct beneficiaries


Everyday 15 people are killed or injured by landmines and unexploded bombs across the world. More has to be done to stop this threat. We need to come together and take action.

Our deminers risk their lives to find and destroy landmines and unexploded bombs so that they can remove them and stop further casualties. They are driven by a determination to give their own communities - their friends and family - back a life of safety, sometimes decades after the conflict ended.

Continued conflict across the world means our deminers are more vital than ever.

Even when the fighting ends, landmines and unexploded bombs remain — causing death, injury, and suffering for decades to come.

It is not fair and it is not right that families will be trapped in fear long after conflict ends.

No one should live with the legacy of war.