Actor and MAG Ambassador Rosamund Pike visited our team in Cambodia in February. 

During Rosamund’s trip, she spoke to our team of brave deminers and learnt how it felt to be just inches away from deadly landmines and unexploded bombs. 

Watch the incredible video from her trip which was also shared at the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) Symposium.

“It’s their lives that these teams take into their hands everyday. In doing so, they save thousands and thousands of other lives. The tireless efforts of these deminers, working long hours day in day out to clear the land they are from, and make it safe for generations of families to come.

This is finite work. This is work that can be finished. When a country is contaminated post-conflict, the land can be cleared. But it takes money and it takes time.

Please donate to MAG now and help us keep these families safe.”

"It is rare to be both heartbroken and inspired in the space of just a few short hours"

This isn’t the first time Rosamund has experienced a minefield. Ahead of becoming a MAG Ambassador, Rosamund visited our team in Lebanon. Two starkly different countries, but one uniting and deadly issue, landmines. Landmines that are as powerful today as the day they were placed.

 “I felt despair that the world is still using indiscriminate weapons such as landmines and cluster bombs. And I was inspired with hope when I met people who had the courage, the skill and the fortitude to rid their communities of this toxic and lethal legacy.”

Touching on her time visiting Lebanon with MAG, Rosamund said: 

"I was privileged to meet the brave deminers of the Mines Advisory Group and to talk to the ordinary people whose lives had been devastated by landmines. The effect of this experience was profound and the issue of landmines is one which has occupied me ever since."