With your help, a team of brave female deminers will work to make Vangkhom safe.

Around 300,000 unexploded bombs are thought to be buried in and around Vangkhom village. This small farming community of just 151 people has spent decades living in danger. They have mourned the loss of loved ones to these deadly killers. They need to be able to live in safety.

The brave deminers we plan to send to work in Vangkhom know full well the dangers posed by the bombs - they are all from the local area and grew up with the threat of the bombs. Today, they are proud to work to remove unexploded bombs from the land and make people safe.

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With your help, a team of women will be dedicated to locating and destroying bombs in Vangkhom. Over 12 months, we can unlock an area of land equivalent to 23 football pitches, in locations prioritised by the people of the village. Land will be cleared so that children can play and go to school in safety. Land ideal for growing rice will made safe, enabling greater quantities of this important source of food and income to be grown by Vangkhom’s farming community.

Donate before 24th July and the value of your gift will be doubled by the UK government, enabling us to unlock twice the amount of land in Vangkhom.

The soft, wet land of Vangkhom makes the region ideal for growing rice – and makes it such a dangerous place to live and farm. That soft ground, which is so needed by the community, acted as a cushion to the bombs that rained down on the village during the Vietnam War. Many thousands failed to detonate, sinking into the soil where they still lie today, just as lethal as the day they fell. Some of the village’s most fertile land for growing rice is also some of its most contaminated. This is the land that lies barren, too dangerous to farm. And this is the land that, together, we can unlock.

Donate before 24 July and the value of your gift will be doubled by the UK government, unlocking twice as much land for this farming community.

There are only a few weeks left to have your donation doubled by the UK government, so act today - every gift makes a real difference to the people of Vangkhom.

A gift from you today of £25, doubled to £50 by the UK government, could remove 10 of the most common type of cluster bomb from land in and around Vangkhom.