Iraq: The deadly legacy of decades of conflict

The people of Iraq have endured decades of conflict and are still living in danger today from the explosives left behind - some of which date back to the 1970s. As long as the explosives remain, lives are at risk every day. 

Whether the mines are decades old or date from more recent conflicts, each one is powerful enough to take a life in a brutal instant. 

The only solution is to clear the land, mine by mine, bomb by bomb. 

Could you donate today and finally free the people of Northern Iraq from the fear of landmines and unexploded bombs?

"When the land is cleared, finally we will feel safe."

Rasheed is a shepherd and farmer from Sharbazher, a village in the district of Sulaymaniyah in northern Iraq. It’s a huge minefield that covers six villages in the district, affecting 1,500 people.

MAG has partially cleared large sections of the minefield, but over half are still contaminated - and are a daily risk to life and to livelihoods. Rasheed and his family have benefitted from the life-saving lessons taught by MAG and know how to stay safe around the areas that have yet to be cleared. 

But our lessons can only teach people how to be safer – the danger remains. The only solution is to remove the danger, mine by mine, bomb by bomb. 

Donate today and help return safe land to the people of northern Iraq

“We really do save lives. What is more important than that?”

Gona is a part of MAG’s Community Liaison Team, collaborating with communities in the mineridden Sulaymaniyah district of northern Iraq to understand which areas of land are their priority for clearance – and to deliver life-saving lessons to keep people safe until the land is free of mines and bombs. 

“My job is addictive because of the effect it has on people’s lives. The effect MAG has on people’s lives is totally different to anything else I have experienced – we really do save
lives. What is more important than that?” 

Gona constantly witnesses the powerful impact on people’s lives when more areas of safe land are returned to them. Not only are they finally safe, they now have the chance to prosper.

“We save lives through economic growth for people in rural communities. They have a livelihood again. I see the joy in their faces. There is no danger and they can be free.” 

Gona, Iraq, 2023

You can help turn fear into joy, and danger into safety. 

You can help crops to grow where today only mines and bombs are planted. Please donate today.