During MAG’s life-saving lessons, displaced girls and boys can be children again.

Watch Maimuna, aged ten, singing a MAG song at one of our life-saving lessons in Nigeria. The song teaches girls and boys how to stay safe around landmines and other explosives.

In north-east Nigeria, girls and boys are growing up in temporary camps built to house those who have been displaced by conflict. These girls and boys are at risk of encountering one of the many landmines and bombs that litter the ground in north-east Nigeria, laid by armed groups such as Boko Haram. 

MAG is working with conflict affected communities in Borno State to teach women, men, girls and boys how to recognise and avoid explosives. Through the power of play, our life-saving lessons engage girls and boys by providing not just information, but a reprieve from fear and boredom. During these lessons, they get to be children again – with songs, games and colouring books to teach them key safety messages.

Maimuna's story

Maimuna lives in an IDP camp in Borno State. Conflict forced Maimuna and her mother to flee their home when Maimuna was just two. She does not remember a life outside of the camp.

Maimuna has some friends that she plays with regularly, but she told our team that she believes there is a better life for her outside of the camp − a life that she wants to find one day. If she is to stay safe, she needs to know how to spot and avoid landmines.

MAG’s Community Liaison team delivered one of our life-saving lessons to Maimuna in the camp where she lives. They used songs and colouring sheets to identify different types of explosives. Maimuna has never encountered an explosive before, but now she knows what to do if she does come across one.

Maimuna said: “I liked the lesson, especially the colouring book. I feel safe and I can teach other girls and boys how to stay safe from dangerous items.”

When our team asked Maimuna what she wants to do when she is older, she said she wants to always offer help to people in need. With your support we can help more young girls and boys like Maimuna stay safe. Thank you.

Photography © MAG/KC Nwakalor