Amongst the destruction, unexploded bombs and landmines pose a terrifying threat to returning families in Ukraine.

In recent years, wars have increasingly been fought in populated areas like towns and cities, and when explosive weapons are used in these areas, the toll is highest among civilians. Ukraine is now one of these countries.

We are on the ground in Ukraine right now destroying landmines before the destroy lives. Alongside our clearance efforts, we are delivering vital risk education sessions to returning communities, offering both in-person and online sessions so we can reach as many people as possible.

“I have fled twice during the conflict in Ukraine. The place I called home is occupied and heavily destroyed, our apartment and garden are completely inaccessible. Roads and paths may be mined, booby traps could be placed in many areas, unexploded bombs are widespread. Because of this I would not be able to return home with my family anytime in the near future. It would be an impossible and very dangerous trip.”

There are thousands of people like Kateryna in Ukraine right now. It is essential civilians know how to keep themselves safe.

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