The Dogs That Are Saving Lives

Decades of conflict has left northern Iraq littered with landmines and unexploded bombs. As long as the explosives remain, lives are at risk every day. Whether the mines are decades old or date from more recent conflicts, each one is powerful enough to take a life in a brutal instant. 

The only solution is to clear the land, mine by mine, bomb by bomb. 

Our four-legged friends are helping to do just that. Everyday, they save the lives of women, girls, boys and men across the world by sniffing out landmines and unexploded bombs.

Donate £17 and you could help feed a life-saving landmine sniffer dog. 

It sounds like a dangerous job, but our dogs are always in safe hands. The bond between our dogs and their handlers is incredibly strong. When they think they have found an explosive, the dogs are trained to sit in front of the area and point to it with their nose. Their weight means they don’t detonate the explosives - they are amazing.

A donation of £17 from you today could help one of our brilliant dogs!