Strategic Plan

MAG (Mines Advisory Group) is committed to a clear, bold and exciting direction over the coming five years. Our Strategic Plan describes what we aim to achieve, building on a strong past and setting an ambitious vision for the future. 

The world in which we work is becoming ever more complex and unequal, increasing the impact on communities affected by violence, conflict and insecurity. Their expectations and the views of those who support our work are also evolving. This creates challenges for impact-driven organisations like MAG, but they must be turned into opportunities that achieve results for people. We must keep pace with the world around us.

This plan sets a framework to achieve that. It outlines the environment in which we work and then provides a rationale for change. It sets out four aims with objectives, based on our core work but in a way that develops it and places new emphasis on the wider needs of the communities we work with.

This plan places the voice and participation of these communities at the heart of everything we will do. It emphasises the importance of promoting the empowerment of women and girls, as well as the critical role of partnership working that will maximise our impact. Our values remain unchanged and they will continue to guide us.

Read our 2018 - 2023 Strategic Plan, updated following a mid-term review.