The outcome of today’s vote means the Government has doubled down on cuts to UK aid, not only breaking its manifesto commitment this year but also locking in the cuts for many years to come.

The Government says it wants this country to be a ‘Global Britain’, but on this occasion its words do not match its actions. These long-term cuts to the aid budget will not only damage our international reputation but will have serious impacts on the daily lives of communities worldwide, denying them the right to live their lives in safety, free from the fear, injury and death caused by landmines and other remnants of conflict.

We are deeply disappointed that the Government has stepped back from its world-leading commitment to aid spending at precisely the time it should instead be stepping up to fulfil its promise to the millions of women, girls, boys and men living with the effects of poverty, conflict and inequality.

Our first-hand experience means we know the impact of these cuts on conflict-affected communities will be significant. Landmines and unexploded bombs affect more than 60 million people in the world today — killing and maiming thousands every year, exacerbating instability in fragile communities blighted by the debris of war, and hindering economic growth and development for years to come.