An estimated 160 million children are living in, or close to, areas of intensive conflict.

Insomnia. Poor concentration. Poor social skills. Irritability. Aggression. Intrusive thoughts. Nightmares.

This is the reality of childhood for so many children living in war zones, or amongst the deadly explosive debris of past conflicts. This should not be a description of childhood.

With your help, it doesn’t have to be.

Will you donate today and help keep people safe from landmines and unexploded bombs in countries like Syria, Iraq and Ukraine?

Children injured by explosive weapons and those who witness the death and injury of others caught in their blast, often carry deep and life-long mental and emotional scars. 

Anger, grief, anxiety and even self-blame and shame are common emotional responses, and the stress children experience from these manifests in several common ways. 

Please donate £30 today. Your gift could help teach children how to recognise and avoid explosives. Your donation could remove the danger they face by clearing land in and around their homes, schools, hospitals and play areas, making their neighbourhoods – and them – safe at last.

In 2022, over 13,000 risk education sessions were carried out in Iraq – helping to keep thousands of women, girls, boys and men safe.

Risk Education Session, Iraq, 2021