Nigeria - Landmines and unexploded bombs continue to shatter lives

Conflicts between non-state armed groups, including Boko Haram, and security forces have left a large amount of locally-produced landmines and unexploded bombs. 

Unfortunately, it's impossible to know when and where the next emergency will happen. That’s why your support is so vital, so we can respond immediately. Anytime, anywhere. 

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MAG has worked in Nigeria since 2016 and addresses the humanitarian crisis in the northeast of the country through risk education to refugees and internally displaced people. 

MAG’s risk education activities encourage at-risk populations to adopt safe behaviours to avoid accidents involving mines and unexploded bombs.

Our research shows that after these sessions, people are much better able to identify explosive devices, which means they are much more likely to stay safe. Please donate today, and help us deliver vital risk education sessions to people across the world affected by conflict.

Casualties continue to rise as civilians in vehicles are injured or killed when they drive over improvised landmines, while people on foot activate them when farming, playing or fleeing from villages.

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MAG’s lessons make us aware of the dangers. We can be more confident now and the information will help us to be safe.