Syria has witnessed extensive hostilities since the outbreak of civil war in 2011.

Large parts of the country, including cities, have been devastated by explosive weapons. In 2020, the Landmine Monitor reported that there were more explosive accidents in Syria than in any other country in the world.

It is not right and it is not fair that 35 people are killed or injured each week by explosive hazards, and one in three of these are children. The natural curiosity of a child can lead to devastating consequences.

Donate today and help destroy landmines and unexploded bombs before they destroy lives.

The conflict has a daily impact on the vast majority of the population, with poor and marginalised communities worst affected. It has directly caused the displacement of an estimated 6.2 million Syrians and the almost total breakdown of the economy, with roughly 70% living beneath the poverty line.

How we help in Syria

    • MAG has been working in Syria since 2016, teaching life-saving lessons to help people stay safe while our brave deminers clear homes and schools of unexploded bombs.

    • Our teams work through the rubble of damaged or destroyed houses, removing explosive remnants of war and making it safe for the process of rebuilding to begin.

    • By clearing land, MAG enables the restoration of infrastructure, such as water supplies and roads, and has made schools, homes and agricultural land safe.