In 2022, 95% of casualties of cluster munitions were civilians     

71% of those just children

No child should pay the price for war.

Cluster bombs, because of their size and shape, look like toys. The natural curiosity of children can put them at risk of great harm from unexploded bombs while playing or even walking home.

We need to find every cluster munition before a curious child does. The only way to do this is to safely detonate the bombs, one by one.

Please donate today and help us get to every cluster munition before a child does.

According to the latest Cluster Munition Monitor, casualties have reached the highest level since 2010 and the use of cluster munitions continues to overwhelmingly affect civilians.

Our teams are on the ground right now destroying these lethal weapons, in fact in the first half of this year they destroyed over 29,000 landmines and unexploded bombs. But we have to do more, faster, to get to every last one before a child does.

When cluster bombs are dropped, they scatter over a large area, meaning that they are much more of a threat to ordinary people, children and civilian areas. This is particularly dangerous when they are dropped in densely populated areas like towns, villages, and cities, causing indiscriminate harm and destruction.

More has to be done to prevent this indiscriminate threat to the lives of women, girls, boys and men. 

The only way to do this is to safely detonate the bombs, one by one.