Senior Logistics Experts – Short Term Deployments Pool

Creating of a pool of Senior Logistics Experts for deployment across MAG country Programmes

COVID-19’s impact on global humanitarian operations has increased the complexity of supporting country programmes. MAG needs to prepare for a scale up of operations across several country programmes, and within the next few years there will be multiple short-term senior deployments that will be required to ensure strong logistics processes are in place to support MAG operations. MAG is launching a pre-selection process to set up a Pool of senior logistics experts, matching one or more of the specific deployment ToR’s listed and described within the Candidate Information Pack.

Specific terms for the Pool

  • a) Duration of the Pool: Pre-selected senior logistics experts will agree to their details (including CV and other personal information as necessary) being kept by MAG within a dedicated Pool until 31 December 2022. Toward the end of this period, MAG will ask Pool members if they wish to continue within the Pool, or if they want to be removed and have their data deleted. Unsuccessful applicants’ data will be processed per MAG’s normal standards and their personal data will therefore be deleted following six months.
  • b) Assignments: when necessity for a deployment along one of the specific deployment ToR’s listed and described below, the list of approved senior logistics experts pre-validated for the specific type of ToR will be reviewed to check availability. Among the available and pre-validated senior logistics experts, relevant experience in the operating context and an interview with the hiring manager will determine the selected expert that will be deployed.
  • c) Duration of Assignments: Short-term deployments are intended for a duration not exceeding 12 weeks’ total duration; the exact duration is pre-agreed by parties ahead of each deployment and is related to the specific type of support required by MAG Country Programme.
  • d) Destination of Assignments: deployment destinations are need-based; the Pool covers all MAG Country Programmes worldwide.

Based on the scope and span of the work required, MAG reserves the right to offer deployment based as either a consultant or a fixed term employee.

  • a) Consultant: MAG will set and agree a daily, weekly or monthly rate for the consultancy.  MAG will also provide medical insurance, accommodation, per diem, visa and other administration support and flights.
  • b) Employee: Based on the nature of the role, MAG will offer a salary set using its job evaluation framework, as well as a Cost-of-Living Allowance and other allowances as appropriate for the position. As an employee, the individual will also be covered by MAG’s medical insurance policies, as well as receive accommodation, annual leave and flights. MAG will also make all travel and visa arrangements.

Location of work

Detailed, time-bound and measurable ToR’s will be developed and agreed to ahead of any deployment. However, for the purpose of the creation of the Pool, two different types of example ToR’s have been developed and applicants should set out in their application which of the ToR’s they want to be considered for. These two ToR’s are detailed within the Candidate Information Pack.

Applicants may apply for one or both ToR’s.  Where applicants select multiple ToR’s, they may be required to complete a selection exercise for each ToR they apply for.   They would only be required to attend one interview however.

Please note that as part of MAG's commitment to safeguarding, this post is subject to background checks before an offer of employment or consultancy is confirmed. These are usually completed at the time of appointment however, for successful candidates on the Pool, reference checks will be pre-completed, reviewed and approved as individuals are entered on to it. Remaining background checks will be completed on appointment to a role, as either a consultant of an employee.

MAG is committed to the principles of diversity, equality and inclusion. If you think you would be suited to one of our roles we would welcome your application regardless of your background. We strive to provide an inclusive and supportive working environment where all employees feel respected and supported in fulfilling their potential.

How to apply


For further information about this opportunity, as well as the application form, please download the candidate information pack, below:

MAG – Job Title Candidate Information Pack

Application is by submission of a completed application form, up to date CV and cover letter. This should be sent to  by the closing date of 14 November 2021.

Due to the high volume of applications that we receive, we are not able to respond to every application. If you have not heard back from us within 3 weeks of applying, it means that your application has not been successful.