Donate today to help us reach unexploded bombs before a child does

Thank you for joining our fight to help children and their families live without fear of unexploded bombs. 

But, there is still so much more to do. A gift from you today could allow conflict affected communities to live without fear of injury or death.

Every day across the world, 19 people are injured or killed by a landmine or unexploded munition. At least half of civilian casualties are children. 

Countries like Laos are littered with unexploded bombs that have the power to kill and cause horrific injury. 

A donation from you today can help us get to these deadly weapons before a child does. 

If you donate before July 24, the UK government will double your donation. Matched gifts from the UK government will support MAG demining teams to clear unexploded bombs from Vangkhom, a village in Laos which has been savaged by unexploded bombs.

Your donation will help fund a team for 12 months, so that 161,600m2 (equivalent to almost 23 football pitches!) of vital land can be unlocked and cleared of explosives for the safety of the community.