Time to Change Course - Angola and The Ottawa Treaty


Decades of conflict in Angola created a protracted humanitarian emergency, displacing thousands of communities and devastating the country's infrastructure. All of Angola's 18 provinces where left littered with landmines. By the time the peace agreement was signed in 2002, an estimated 982 square kilometres was believed to be contaminated.


MAG's Director of Policy, Chris Loughran, spoke at an event at the Houses of Parliament in London on 26 April discussing mine action in Angola, and the commitment needed from the international community to reach a Landmine Free 2025 for Angola.


"Our message today is that more needs to be done, more must be done, and more can be done."

Download and read his full speech below - 


 MAG Director of Policy, Chris Loughran`s full speech  


MAG's latest Issue Brief was also launched at the event - download and read more below - 


 Time to Change Course - Angola and The Ottawa Treaty  


Children play on land that has been cleared by MAG in Chifoio village, Angola. The football is home-made; fashioned from plastic bags.

Photo: Sean Sutton/MAG