• The Mine Risk Education Game

    In Myanmar, a child's ability to correctly identify a landmine or other explosive weapon could save his or her life. This 'mine risk education' game involves teams of children racing to put pictures of objects in baskets marked 'Safe' or 'Danger'. The images are a mix of landmines and safe items such as clocks and fruit. (Date: 2015. Length: 1min)

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  • Landmine Free 2025

    Twenty years after Diana, Princess of Wales walked next to a minefield in Angola, Prince Harry calls on the international community to make a renewed commitment to clear these indiscriminate killers and make a world free from landmines a reality. (Date: 2017. Length: 9:59)
  • 'Let Us Seize The Challenge Together'

    A speech by MAG's Chief Executive Jane Cocking at the Landmine Free 2025 reception on International Landmine Awareness Day. (Date: 2017. Length: 2:54min)
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