Safe Land is Urgently Needed in South Sudan

South Sudan has been ravaged by decades of conflict, and now seven million people — around 60 per cent of the population — are suffering food insecurity. And the situation is set to worsen: many people fled the conflict, finding shelter in refugee camps in neighbouring countries like Uganda, but pressure on food rations is causing more families than ever before to attempt the return to home.

According to official reports, landmines, cluster bombs and other explosives have killed or injured at least 5,000 people in South Sudan — and the true number is probably much higher. With more people returning to South Sudan, we urgently need to make more land safe.

The harsh reality for people returning home from refugee camps is that they are forced to farm on land they know to be contaminated with explosives. They know that each time they burn scrub and till the land they are risking detonating a hidden mine, bomb or grenade. But their children must be fed and so they risk their lives.

A gift from you today of £22 could pay for a skilled deminer to work for a day, clearing contaminated land of explosives, making it safe for returning families to settle and to grow the crops that can free them from food insecurity.

Clara Ajio is a Community Liaison Supervisor in South Sudan. She was born and grew up during the many years of conflict, and her family still live in a refugee camp in Uganda. She hopes that one day they will be able to come home safely.

Each day Clara works to make that hope a reality. She teaches MAG’s life-saving lessons which enable people to recognise and report the explosives they find and keep themselves safe. MAG’s teams of skilled deminers are working hard to make land safe, but it takes time. There are currently 18.5 square kilometres still to go, so while they work, Clara and her team empower the people of South Sudan to live safely.

She has seen first-hand the difference that MAG’s supporters bring to the people in her community. When you donate to MAG, you give the gift of safety.

A gift of £55 from you today could pay for a community liaison team to reach up to 60 people with life-saving lessons, including how to recognise and report explosives so that they can safely be cleared by our demining teams.