We are incredibly grateful to the Retail Industry Awards for choosing MAG as their charity partner again for the 2022 event.

Wars come and go, but the aftermath leaves people living in danger and fear for years. 

Every day 19 people are killed or injured by landmines and unexploded bombs, all too often it's a child. Our teams across the world need your support to continue their urgent and life-saving work.

We are asking everyone attending the Retail Industry Awards to continue supporting MAG and to give a gift to ensure our teams can get to every landmine before a child does.

Together, we can get to every unexploded bomb before a child does and make it possible for communities to play, work, walk and live in safety.

Souk's Story

Decades after the devastating Vietnam war, unexploded bombs are still claiming lives today. The communities of Laos are forced to navigate their lives around the millions of tons of explosives that were dropped during 580,000 bombing missions. That’s equivalent to a planeload of bombs being dropped on communities every eight minutes, 24 hours a day, for nine years.

Souk is one of the countless children in Laos who have been affected by a conflict which ended almost 50 years ago. She is eight years old and lives in Vangkhom village, Laos.

Last year, after a risk education class with MAG, Souk’s school friend identified an unexploded bomb in their school playground. A MAG team responded to the call to the emergency hot-line number, came to the school and began clearance of the playground. They discovered even more unexploded bombs in the undergrowth, just metres away from where the children were playing. 

Now the playground is clear and Souk looks forward to playing with her friends again.

Image (c) MAG/Bart Verweij

“I am very happy that MAG has cleared my school. My friends and I can play anywhere here now with freedom”