MAG's BBC Radio 4 Appeal - All donations will be doubled by a generous supporter!

Right now, children in Nigeria are being horrifically killed and injured by landmines.

They need your help.

For children in north-east Nigeria, escaping armed groups like Boko Haram does not mean escaping danger.

The land remains littered with landmines and unexploded bombs. Sensitive enough to be triggered by a child and powerful enough to rip apart a car.

Any day could be the day another young life is tragically taken by these deadly killers. We have no time to waste.

"When you are standing on land you know is littered with landmines while children play nearby it's terrifying, it moved me to make this appeal to you," says actor Rosamund Pike who presents this year's Radio 4 appeal on behalf of MAG.

Will you help provide urgent life-saving lessons in Nigeria? If you make your donation now, a generous supporter will match pound for pound your donation until we hit our target of £50,000.

You can hear the full BBC Radio 4 Appeal from the 27 December by clicking here.

Sean Sutton/MAG

Rosamund Pike will present MAG's BBC Radio 4 Appeal.

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Aji's Story

Aji’s six-year-old son had found a curious metal object to bring home as a new toy. But it wasn’t a toy. It was a bomb. As he played, it exploded and left him with life-changing injuries. The psychological trauma meant he was unable to speak.

Parents, like Aji, are living with the terrible fear that their child’s lives could be wiped out in an instant.

MAG teaches children how to spot, avoid and report the deadly threat which surrounds them using song, dance and drama.

If you donate now, a generous supporter will double all gifts until we hit our target of £50,000 to fund these lessons for five months.

That means a gift of £40 - which would normally pay for a team in north-east Nigeria for one day - will fund them for two days!