Photo report: Wildlife in the Cambodian minefields

by Shathel Fahs, Technical Field Manager, MAG Cambodia

As a deminer currently based in Cambodia, I do photography in my free time, when my camera plays a big role in helping me to relax after demanding days at work.

As I was seeing lots of wildlife in the minefield and hearing lots of stories from the deminers about what they'd seen, I thought it would be a good idea to start a project taking photos of wildlife and different mines or items from the minefield.

Eagle on a mine sign

This eagle is pictured in Samlot, a district of Battambang Province in north-western Cambodia.

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Lizard on a landmine

The above photograph is completely staged: this PMN-2 landmine is free from explosives and the lizard was caught in the minefield.

Here are some more photos I've taken, including this one of a tarantula in the deminers' rest area...

Tarantula on a MAG protective helmet

Green snake

wildlife in a minefield

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24 January 2014

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