We've Helped Nearly 18 Million People Escape the Fear of Landmines

Together, we've helped 17.7 million people escape the fear of landmines. People like Helen (below right) in Moxico province, Angola. 

Landmine Free 2025 - MAG Angola

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“Every day I woke up worrying that maybe today is the day that one of my family stands on a landmine and dies. Six people stood on mines here and they all died. We were imprisoned by mines. I have 10 children and so many grandchildren, and they are all alive because of MAG. I praise the people who support MAG for clearing the death from this area.”


The 27-year civil war left Angola contaminated with up to 20 million landmines. Fifteen years after the end of the conflict, landmines and other deadly explosive items means that communities are still living in fear of death and injury.

Moxico, in the east, is Angola’s biggest province, but it is also one of the least developed. While Moxico has tremendous agricultural potential, people there struggle to find safe land to grow food and build houses.

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MAG’s work in Angola makes a long-lasting and permanent difference. Cleared land is used to build hundreds of houses, schools and clinics. It also enables farming for subsistence, and profit and facilities projects which give communities access to safe water.

MAG’s work gives people the chance to rebuild their lives and livelihoods in safety, free from fear and danger.

We train and employ local people as deminers, to conduct manual clearance in high priority areas in coordination with the national authorities. We also deliver mine risk education to help people keep themselves and their families as safe as possible until MAG can remove the threat.

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Page published: 29 March 2017