MAG in Lebanon

In Lebanon the lasting and deadly legacy of war – in the form of cluster munitions, landmines and other items of unexploded ordnance (UXO) – is preventing people from putting their lives back together and building a better future for themselves and their families.

Family near a mined area in Lebanon

A family near an area contaminated by UXO in the Bekaa Valley.

Photo: Sean Sutton/MAG


The problems

Why MAG is in Lebanon

Lebanon is heavily contaminated by cluster munitions, landmines and other items of unexploded ordnance (UXO) following years of civil war and the conflict in 2006.

These items continue to expose the people of Lebanon to the constant threat of death or injury, as well as hindering safe access to land for development.

The influx of  more than 1.1 million Syrians have sought safety in Lebanon since 2011, placing an inevitable strain on economic resources, infrastructure and land.

People are living in informal settlements, or being hosted by local communities, in extremely close proximity to dangerous areas. They have little or no knowledge of the threat, and mine/UXO accident figures are at their highest since the 2006 hostilities as a result.



How MAG is helping in Lebanon

MAG’s work in Lebanon directly addresses the urgent protection needs of those living in dangerous areas contaminated by landmines and items of UXO, including cluster bomb submunitions. By making land safe  MAG is enabling people to live in safety and free from fear.

MAG conducts Battle Area Clearance and minefield clearance to remove the threat of death or injury and increase access to safe land to facilitate development. We deploy mechanical assets where needed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of manual clearance operations.

MAG’s Community Liaison teams visit affected communities before, during and after clearance in order to explain the scope and importance of clearance and to collect data. These teams also deliver life-saving risk education messaging to help raise awareness of the problems and promote safer behaviour.

Using different ways to communicate these important messages – such as leaflets, posters, dance, clowns and drama – the teams reach those most at risk.

Towards a mine and cluster bomb-free Lebanon

Operational in Lebanon since 2000, MAG responded immediately to the bombing and resulting contamination during the 2006 crisis. In 2014, MAG completed a Nationwide Impact Assessment survey of all cluster munition strikes across Lebanon and is the only humanitarian mine action organisation responding to the urgent need for clearance and risk education in the Bekaa region.

MAG works with the Lebanon Mine Action Center to ensure mine action activities are targeted towards community needs, enabling essential land to be safely released and allowing local people to live and work in safety. MAG is supporting the Lebanon Mine Action Center towards a “Lebanon Free from the Impact of Landmines and Cluster Munitions” by 2020.

Beneficiary of MAG's work in Lebanon

Elias tends his apple orchard, which MAG made safe. "I did try to clear the land myself before. I picked up a lot of cluster bombs – I had no choice. Then there were accidents in the village and many people died, so I was afraid, very afraid. I am so happy MAG came and cleared this land." 

Photo: Sean Sutton/MAG


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