Our mission to tackle abuse and launch an Independent Review

MAG (Mines Advisory Group) is appalled by any incidents involving sexual abuse and exploitation in the international humanitarian sector. Abuse of power is something that should not happen anywhere, let alone among those who support extremely vulnerable people.

We would like to give our supporters and partners an update as to where we are regarding investigations into internal incidents involving such misuses of power.

Across MAG’s worldwide operations over the past ten years we have investigated 11 safeguarding issues. Three incidents resulted in dismissal, one resulted in a resignation, three led to written warnings being issued to employees. Two are still under investigation and two were found to be unsubstantiated. These have been reported to the Charity Commission and to DfID.

We massively regret that these things have happened within our organisation. We’ve made a wide range of substantive changes to our safeguarding policies and procedures in the last few years to strengthen all our approaches and to make it much less likely they will happen again.

We have robust policies on personal conduct and working with vulnerable people. We now have a Safeguarding Framework and we have reviewed and updated our Policies on Personal Conduct and Vulnerable Children and Adults. We are also improving our Whistleblowing procedures. Our policies expressly forbid the use of sex workers. 

But we refuse to be complacent. We will be conducting a comprehensive Independent Review of safeguarding incidents and culture within our organisation. This will help us continue to ensure our staff and beneficiaries are as safe as they can be.

Recent events in the sector make it clear that more needs to be done to ensure that people feel safe to come forward and report any sexual exploitation, abuse or other safeguarding issue.

We also recognise there’s a huge amount that needs to be done both within our organisation and across the sector to eradicate unacceptable behaviour. We must do better.


Note to editors

MAG (Mines Advisory Group) is a global humanitarian and advocacy organisation that removes and destroys landmines, unexploded bombs and munitions from places affected by conflict. Our mission is to save lives and build futures by reducing risk and by supporting improved management of weapons and ammunition, to create secure conditions for development.

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