Our Impact in 2015

At MAG, we believe that whenever and wherever wars happen, ordinary people should not be the ones who pay the price.

Thansk to our donors and supporters, MAG's work in 2015 directly helped more than 1.4 million men, women and children. Together, we made around 33 million square metres of land (that’s more than 4,500 Wembley-stadium sized football pitches) safe from landmines and unexploded bombs, so that people can safely grow crops, walk to school, access water, get to market, and live without fear.

But we are painfully aware of just how much still needs to be done. Mines and unexploded bombs are not being cleared fast enough for those who still live around them, in fear, every day. These people must not be forgotten. This is why we are determined to do more. And so, as we thank everyone who has been part of MAG’s achievements and work in 2015, we look forward to reaching even more people in 2016 – to give them back their future, free from fear and danger.

MAG in 2015


Infographic by Stef JohnsonMAG in 2015