Learning To Stay Alive Can Be Fun

MAG and Clowns Without Borders have created lessons that could be the most important of children’s lives.

The performance was shown in schools across Lebanon, teaching vulnerable Syrian refugees and Lebanese children about the dangers of landmines, cluster bombs and other explosive items. The children were also given specially designed games and leaflets to share with siblings and family members to spread awareness across the community.

As well as getting the children talking about the dangers of deadly devices, the lessons teach them how to report anything they find to MAG so we can clear the threat. This knowledge is invaluable for the Lebanese children but also for the Syrian refugees who need to understand the risk for when they return home.

Clowns WIthout Borders

Clowns make landmine safety fun, as well as life-saving.

Photo: Clowns Without Borders

Children at a MAG MRE session in Lebanon

"The children wre amazed by the puppets," said Mariam, who works with MAG in Lebanon.

Photo: MAG

Puppet Play

Working with the Arab Puppet Theatre Foundation, the MAG team have created a show to grab the children’s attention. Based on situations faced everyday by the MAG team in Lebanon, the play tells the story of naughty Nabil and his sister Nada who tries to keep him safe from the threat of landmines in their village.

The team are now travelling to schools and communities across the area with the show, spreading life-saving lessons for these children and families. Mariam has worked with MAG Lebanon for two years: “We started taking the play to schools in February. The children were amazed by the puppets.

"They even helped the storyteller by shouting warnings to Nabil about the dangerous items. We are really happy with the positive and encouraging reactions from the children."

Children are most likely to fall victim to landmines and cluster bombs because they are most likely to run, to explore, to play and to be curious. We need to reach every child before the unthinkable happens.

MAG's Mine Risk Education in Lebanon

The team in Lebanon use puppets to capture the children’s imaginations. MAG’s commitment is to make sure each child walks away from our risk lessons with the knowledge that can keep them safe for the rest of their life.

Photo: MAG




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Page published: 25 April 2016