'There Was A Massive Explosion' - A Landmine Survivor's Story

Kaw Ye Ung stood on a landmine in Myanmar when he was 16. “I went into the bushes to go to the toilet and there was a massive explosion,” he said, “I did not know there were mines there.”

Kaw Ye Ung, landmine accident survivor

Landmine accident survivor Ung at work fixing a television in Kayah State.

Photos: Sean Sutton/MAG

Ung lost both of his legs in the tragic accident, but has a very positive outlook on life:

Landmine accident survivor in Myanmar

Ung lost both legs in the mine accident.

“I have a tricycle, which makes me mobile, allowing me to travel around the village. The Government and the UN helped me with training and tools, and now I repair televisions for a living.”

“Landmines are terrible things,” he says. “They take away lives and they threaten lives. I have tried to make the most of my life and not let the landmine accident get me down.”

“I dream of opening a TV repair shop, which would also be a barbers shop. I am good at cutting hair as well as fixing televisions.”

Ung’s strength and attitude to life are humbling. He is extremely well-liked and respected in the community of Lawpita, in Myanmar’s Kayah State, where he lives with his aunt.

Ung's story is featured in our latest IMPACT publication, which you can read or download here.




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