A Future Free From Fear in Sri Lanka

With international support, Sri Lanka can be free from the impact of landmines by 2020.

Schoolchildren outside a school in sri lanka 2015

Children attend morning parade in Puthukkudiyiruppu (‘PTK’), Sri Lanka, on land made safe by MAG.

Photo: Sean Sutton/MAG

The Sri Lankan civil war ended in 2009, but mines and unexploded bombs continue to litter the country’s northern and eastern districts. People in Sri Lanka have a right to hope for a better future, and now an end is in sight. 

Puthukkudiyiruppu Roman Catholic School (pictured above) is one of seven schools MAG has made safe in the region. Today, 450 children, from ages five to 16, are taught here.

We are free now. The school has been open for two years and it is getting better all the time. 

The facilities have improved steadily since MAG completed work at the school in late 2012. The sports fields have been cleared of rubble and are now luscious and green. There are no longer ammunition crates scattered about or fragmentation marks on the walls. And, instead of silence, there is the buzz of excited youngsters’ voices.

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With your support, MAG is making land safe, helping people in Sri Lanka to rebuild their lives, livelihoods and futures.

Mr Balashanker, who teaches at the school, told us: “We are free now. The school has been open for two years and it is getting better all the time. The students come from a poor background. Most of the children have lost one or both parents, so a good school and education means everything to them.”

Although huge progress has been made in Sri Lanka, injuries and deaths still frequently occur and international support has waned in recent years. MAG has been helping Sri Lanka’s people since 2002 and this commitment, through some extremely challenging times, motivates us even more to finish the task in hand.

Page published: 13 October 2015