10 Landmine Photos That Will Make You Smile

Sheep farming in northern Iraq

Here's a selection of images that will make your day. All we ask in return is, on behalf of people living with the daily threat of landmines, please don't forget about them.  

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1. A smile from Angola

Smiling child in Angola

Photos: Sean Sutton/MAG (unless stated)

Children account for 46 per cent of all civilian casualties from landmines (and 'unexploded ordnance', like bombs, rockets and mortars). This 60-second video shows how we help

2. "One landmine will not stop me!"

Smiling landmine accident survivor in Iraq

"I've been through many wars and seen my community devastated many times. One landmine will not stop me!" – Haji stood on a mine in northern Iraq in 2010 while he was tending his sheep.

3. Exercise time for mine detection dogs

Mine detection dog in Iraq

Mine detection dogs swimming in a specially built pool at the MAG base in Chamchamal, Iraq.

4. A smile from Somalia

Smiling man in Somalia

In the Puntland State of Somalia (which is plagued by landmines and other weapons), low literacy rates mean that images are used to show this building is a dental clinic. Pictures are also used on shop walls to illustrate what's for sale. If you like this photo, view our Storefronts of Somalia slideshow.

5. Fighting the cluster bomb problem

Smiling MAG technician in Laos

Phaivanh's job is to search for cluster bombs in Laos. Did you know Laos is the most bombed country in the world per capita? There were 580,000 bombing missions on Laos during the Vietnam War... see more shocking Laos stats here.

6. Born on a minefield

Baby born on a minefield in Sri Lanka

Abishan was born on a former minefield in Sri Lanka. 

7. The photo-bombing sheep

Sheep farming in northern Iraq

MAG's Sean Sutton was taking this picture of milking time in northern Iraq, on land cleared of mines and unexploded ordnance by MAG, when a visitor appeared.

8. A smile from Vietnam

Smiling woman in Vietnam

The area around Mrs Nguyen's house in Vietnam is now safe from the threat of unexploded cluster bombs. She features in our 7 Faces Of Vietnam" photo gallery.

9. Hands up if you're happy your village is free from landmines!

Smiling children in the Democratic Republic of Congo

These children in the Democratic Republic of Congo can play safely on land that is now free from the landmine threat. See more stunning images from the Democratic Republic of Congo

10. A smile from Lebanon

Woman on land cleared by MAG in Lebanon

Photo: JB Russell/MAG

This woman is sitting on land made safe by MAG near Lebanon's border with Israel.


How you can help...

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Page published: 21 November 2014