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Two decades ago, Diana Princess of Wales walked in Angola’s minefields. In doing so, she helped inspire the final successful push to achieve the groundbreaking 1997 Ottawa Treaty banning landmines.

Two decades later, we celebrate massive progress, including against the 2025 deadline for completion of clearance, agreed to in 2014. Since the Treaty was signed, over 51 million stockpiled anti-personnel landmines have been destroyed, 29 states have been declared free from a weapon that does not rest until it kills, maims and breaks the human spirit, and hundreds of thousands of survivors have been assisted and empowered. 

However, several mine-affected countries are facing significant shortfalls. Among them is Angola, an icon of the treaty, where support for clearance has slumped by nearly 90% in the last decade to its lowest level on record. 


MAG (Mines Advisory Group) IMPACT October 2016


The figures are simply mind-numbing. Over 270 million cluster bombs fell on Laos and up to 80 million did not detonate. More than half of all
cluster munition casualties in the world are in Laos.

This edition of IMPACT goes beyond the numbers to the people at the heart of MAG’s work – the people who you help.

IMPACT Middle East and Emergencies


How can families who've fled the violence in the Middle East return home to villages that have become riddled with landmines and unexploded bombs during their absence?

This edition of IMPACT focuses on MAG’s emergency work in this troubled region, where in Iraq alone the ongoing crisis has forced three million people to flee their homes and seek safety in other parts of the country.

Arms Management and Destruction photo book


It is now widely accepted that the poor security and management of arms stockpiles has a negative impact on people and their prospects for socio-economic development.

This publication shines a spotlight on Arms Management and Destruction in Africa, where many states have amassed large stockpiles due to conflict, cross-border insecurity and the prevalence of non-state armed groups.

This publication was funded by the  German Federal Foreign Office and the US Department of State’s  Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement.

MAG's Annual Summary 2015

Annual Summary 2015 (JANUARY 2016)

At MAG, we believe that whenever and wherever wars happen, ordinary people should not be the ones who pay the price. In 2015, MAG and our donors made a direct difference to the lives of more than 1.4 million men, women and children.

This publication was produced thanks to  Bridge Insurance Brokers Limited.

MAG Insight - Forgotten Minefields

Insight: Forgotten Minefields (November 2015)

• MAG's Opinion: Finishing the Job

• Sri Lanka: A Future Free From Fear

• Angola: The Lgeacy of Conflict

• Worldwide: Country Focus

• D.R. Congo: Landmine Clearance and Beyond

• Conclusion: Where Next?

This issue of Insight was partly supported by the US Department of State’s Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement.

MAG Impact - Forgotten Conflicts

Impact: Forgotten Conflicts (AUGUST 2015)

• Sri Lanka: A Future Free From Fear

• Staff Profile: Alistair Moir, MAG's Country Director in Sri Lanka

• Shop Jewels, Clear Bombs: Trailblazing jewellery label, Finchittida

• Racing to Make a Difference: Guy and Ian

• Angola: The Legacy of Conflict

MAG Insight - Partnership Through Progress

Insight issue one: Progress Through Partnership (August 2015)

• MAG's Opinion: Mapping Progress

• Laos: Evidence Point POlygon Mapping

• Spotlight on Impact: Khamphone, a rice farmer in Laos

• Vietnam: Partnership in Practice

Efficiency, Effectiveness and Impact in Mine Action

Efficiency, Effectiveness and Impact in Mine Action (February 2015)

• Efficiency: Embracing and Applying Innovation

• Effectiveness: Impact Monitoring and Evidence-Based Decision Making

• Staying Relevant: Risk Education in Mine Action

MAG is grateful for the support of the Australian Government, which enabled this report's development and publication.