Protecting civilians in conflict

Everyone has the right to live in safety and without fear. 

When explosive weapons are used in towns and cities, civilian lives are put at risk. Nine in ten of the people killed and injured by explosive weapons in populated areas are ordinary women, girls, boys and men. 

Critical infrastructure such as water, sanitation, and healthcare are destroyed, depriving people of basic necessities. When explosive weapons are dropped or fired, they do not always explode on impact, leaving unexploded bombs lying in the ground for decades.

But with your support, we can begin clearance of these deadly explosives and help to inspire communities to rebuild their homes and livelihoods. 

When clearance is not immediately possible, our life-saving risk education sessions will help ordinary women, girls, boys and men to understand the risks around them and how to keep themselves safe. 

MAG has partnered with the Ukrainian Deminers Association (UDA) to provide risk education work and is on the ground in Ukraine right now delivering vital risk education sessions to returning communities, offering both in-person and online sessions so we can reach as many people as possible.

Will you donate today and help to keep people in places like Ukraine, Syria and Iraq safe?

Image by Sean Sutton, MAG

Staying safe in the rubble

Iraq is a country ravaged by conflict after conflict. 

Explosive weapons like mortars and shells have reduced whole neighbourhoods to rubble, and thousands of these weapons landed but did not explode. They remain where they fell.

Thousands of people fled the fighting, but as the conflict situation improves, they are returning home. It’s vital that people returning to their homes know how to spot, avoid and report suspicious items, and that’s just what MAG’s life saving lessons are for.

These lessons aren’t just for adults – it’s vital for children to understand how to stay safe, and the lessons really work.